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| FF Badge | - FF 4-wheel drive Monza GSE

| FF 4 wheel drive GSE |

Ferguson Formula Developments was originally formed to pioneer, develop and promote safety systems for everyday motorists. Many highly innovative projects evolved from this Company such as anti-skid braking systems and permanently engaged 4-wheel drive arrangements.

An early example of their success was the Jensen FF Interceptor, the worlds first production car to be fitted with Ferguson's full-time 4-wheel drive system. This employed a series of clutches to achieve slip between the front and rear differentials. The braking system was, primarily, an adaptation of the Dunlop/Maxaret aircraft anti-locking brake device.

Their next milestone was the revolutionary viscous control unit which allowed a much better central differential slip control with the benefit of being much more compact than its predecessor. It required less maintenance and much lower production costs yet still utilised their Maxaret anti-lock braking system.

Both the aforementioned systems were marketed as 'all wheel control'.

Conversions of Senators, Monzas and Bitters by Ferguson Formula of Coventry were first offered to the general public in 1980 employing their novel & revolutionary viscous control unit. All the conversions were approved by their respective vehicle manufacturers and therefore did not affect the warranty. As the cost of conversion was roughly 50% of the cost of the car, (Senator, Monza), new; relatively few were produced despite excellent road test report & results.

Patrick Motors took delivery of an FF Monza, Senator and Bitter. Their Monza - an Anthracite 3-speed GSE - was sold at auction. There followed an aesthetic enhancement/preventative maintenance programme to bring this very low mileage historic Monza to a 'better than new' condition.

It subsequently won 'Best Car of Show' in 1995 at the 'Royale Monza Owners Club International' National Rally.

| FF 4WD Opel Monza - Image 1 |
| FF 4WD Opel Monza - Image 2 |
Front suspension restoration on very rare Ferguson Formula - FF - 4WD Opel Monza.


KC5 cabrio Monza - My Story

| Keinath KC5 cabrio Monza |
Keinath KC5 cabrio Monza.

Way back in 1994 as a keen member of the Autobahnstormers, the club were in the process of organising a five day trip to Germany with planned visits to not least the birth place of our cars, namely the giant Opel main production facility at Russelsheim. The following day a visit to the gigantic Techno Classica at Essen, giving us one free day to spare. With only several weeks before leaving the UK. I raised the idea of visiting Keinath's works situated in Norderstedt in Northern Germany. With the club agreement I hurriedly sent off a letter asking could we come & visit to see what we believed to be the last KC5 cabrio Monza & the only Senator "b" 2 door cabrio shortly followed by their acceptance, requesting arrival time confirmation.

Our accommodation based overlooked the Moselle valley Koblenz, despite our later schedule arrival at Keinath we were all very fortunate & grateful still see there automotive creations just time for some photos and quick chat to Heinz Keinath. From memory I recall asking her exactly how many KC5 cabrio's did they produce? 83 was her reply unless someone out there knows different, possibly this figure may have included 23 Bitter SC cabriolets. Certainly for me this visit was one of the main attractions with in the whole event.

Conceptually the KC5 has detracted a long way from its original Monza identity, if you see one you probably wouldn't know what it is. May be it these elements inspired Keinath's team & thus the appealing mystique that adds to the overall exclusivity.

The Senator "B" concept/prototype would have been a fabulous clean look 4 seater convertible combined with its hard tourniquet cover giving very smooth & modern construction that would have been a rival for any competitor.

Nine years on & recently hearing of two available for sale has rekindled an underlay desire unfortunately business commitments exclude me for now.

| Bitter CD Coupé 1973-9 |
Bitter CD Coupé 1973-9.


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