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We include details of car clubs that may be of interest to the Opel, Vauxhall and Bitter enthusiast. A short description and web site link, where available, is completes this page.

UK Car Clubs:

The main related car clubs in the UK are:

The Royale Monza Owners Club International which is the only specialist club for the Royale & Monza Coupes.

The Bitter Owners Club was founded in 1988 to represent the interests of owners and enthusiasts of the 33 cars in the U.K. It was soon expanded to meet the needs of enthusiasts in all English speaking countries. Currently the Club has over 50 members in 9 countries.

The Bitter Cars web site with detailed information about the founder, Erich Bitter, Opel's involvement and the latest news.


Useful Books:

Transport Source Books Monza, Senator & Royale. The Enthusiast's Guide.

This book, compiled by Trevor Alder is the definitive guide. It charts the development of six-cylinder production since the war covering all models including conversions. The book contains family trees, production numbers, road test results, a comprehensive Buyer's Guide and more besides!

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