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If you have a suitable vehicle For Sale, please use the enquiry/submission form to send me details.

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BITTER SC 3.9 Automatic coupe

Exotic but outstandingly Practical four seater with out plutocratic running cost.

These cars were developed by a much respected former racing driver "Eric Bitter".

Hand built German engineering projecting iconic over tone of Italian flear & style, combing one of the most sumptuous and beautiful hand crafted interiors you will ever see made from Italians finest napper leather by SALT!

Built in small number with just 28 UK RHD examples, this low mileage silver/burgundy coupe is considered to be one the very best available having been fully recomissoned & now ready to enjoy!

A truly masterful piece of automotive architecture with huge exclusivity for just ........................................... P.O.A.

Reconditioned Engines

Vauxhall/Opel C30SE/J engine,"Vege" complete reconditioned unit, Zero miles/new condition.

Vege are a well respected, world renowned engine reconditioning company & are the primary supplier to Opel for their reconditioned engines.

Vege UK retail cost £2,450.00 + VAT

I offer a substantial saving on the above ................ P.O.A.


Vauxhall/Opel C30NE (12 valve Engine) fully reconditioned by Vege of Holland, Zero miles,new condition. main supplier to Vauxhall/Opel for reconditioned Engines.

This unit will fit all 12v Senators, Carlton GSI 3000 including Estate models.

Will also fit GSE Monza with slight mods to exhaust manifolds. There will be some useful power gain in non-catalysed cars; particularly with the Monza set-up as well as these engine being factory specific to run on un-leaded petrol.

I am given to understand the valves are a larger diameter with release in the pistons to accommodate the valve size increase; which was made to compensate catic converter power losses.

Vege UK supply only price is around 1750.00 + VAT

I offer a substantial saving on the above ................ P.O.A.


| Vege C30NE reconditioned engine |


"You name it, I have it". I hold a vast & comprehensive range quality used Opel Monza, Senator and Vauxhall Royale parts. All are shelved & waiting your call. For example:

| 1 of only 2 UK Evolution 500 Omegas |

All body glass and mirrors
Body panels e.g. doors and wings
Exhaust sections
All fuel system components from injectors to fuel tanks
Suspension and steering parts
All interior trim from seats to roof linings
Drive train units i.e. engines & gear boxes
Electronic Control Units (ECU's), & ignition components etc.
Brakes: i.e. calipers, discs etc.
Cooling and heating i.e. radiators to heater blower motors
Huge selection of relays & switches motors etc.


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